Final semester

It is crazy to think that I am encroaching upon my final months in high school. So much has happened in 3 year and a half years that have changed my life for the better and put so many things into perspective. I realize now that my art is not simply this hobbie that I do but it is becoming my life, my passion, my world. So many people have helped me along this journey to recognize what is important to me and I want to be able to say thank you to all of them. The people who are still in my life and the ones who I have lost touch with. No matter what each and every one of them had a part in help shape the human that I am today and I will forever be grateful for these years. Ones to never forget 

Red lipstick

Watching a buzzfeed video about red lipstick on black women, caught my attention. I was never introduced to this pre conceived notion that red lipstick was for a paler shade or any one else other than black women. Growing up, that was the only lipstick my mother ever wore so I was exposed to this ideal that red lipstick shows the beauty of black women, it is a small glimpse into their worth, power and strength. I am unaware of where this post is going but I just wanted to put my thoughts out into the stratosphere. Red lipstick is a statement. Not for one race, but all women. It shows our beauty, grace, and poise. It is effortless. It is worthy of our divine right to special. No one should be ever told that they are not pretty enough, light enough, dark enough of anything in between. I only make this post because people say these things to put others down, to help assist in making them feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. It’s ridiculous and cruel. Red lipstick stands for us all. The power of women.

Needing to write more

I definitely have been on this unintentional hiatus to writing which is completely driven by my lack of motivation. It seems that high school (especially senior year) has this super power. The ability to drain someone of all energy that they previously had (or thought they had). But I am not here to complain about my senior year (or at least not that much) but rather give a check in to the people who I am sure don’t look at this page and remind them that yes…in fact… i am still alive. lol

Europe Trip!

Completely counting down the days until I arrive in Europe! I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity and it should be a nice conclusion to the end of period of life for me and the commencement of my adulthood.

school drool

So I have been feeling this way for a while but I have actaully voiced it. It is completely weird being a senior in high school. Its like you’re in this constant nostalgic state and I cant shake the feeling. I think its just. That realizationn of growing up and the fact that when I thinkof it, for seventeen years, my life has been leading up to this moment–the limbo between child and “mom, stop treating me like a child”, yes that exact feeling. This post isnslowly becoming a stream of conciousness not actually knowing where it will lead, however I digress. But yes I have been feeling this way but it doesn’t change my enthusiasm for college and my future and whatnot.

The ‘closet racist’ part two

I don’t think I ever explained the title to my last post. My friend Lydia Rogers, uses this term to describe the modern day prejudice person. Whether it be someone who is white, black, purple, or red, the closet racist is someone who “tolerates” a race or ethnicity but in their mind believes they are superior to them based on societal views.

The ‘closet racist’ 

I have to vent some crazy ideology that I just heard today. I have a class called Theory of Knoweledge for Ib and we were talking about the limitations and molds that society put on youth. The topic started off very well, speaking on the hardships of being a young adult in an every changing educational system. The point where the conversation turned towards an ideology that I just could not fathom was when we talked about the limitations and molds that are put on minorities. Now I saw this topic coming from a mile away in regards to the way the conversation was directed. I was perfectly okay with talking about the limitations. However, from the words of a classmate, it was concluded that minorities have an easier time getting into college based on the fact that they are ethnic. Not only was this statement made, but there was a statement made while I was walking out of class in which someone said that “I feel like I have to try twice as hard for applying to colleges…”. This is where I could not take anymore. First, let me address the fact that it was said that minorities have an easier time in getting into university. This is the largest misconception out there! Society has made ‘quotas’ now that make universities have to have a certain amount of minorities students in their school. Yes, I understand that, it is a fact. But absolutely no way would I go as far as saying that it is EASIER. There will forever and always be hardships that everyone go through while applying to the university of their choice. It is by far not easier, it could possibly be harder. Not only minorities competing against the average person who applies but they also have to be the best of the best MINORITIES in the application process. So two faults against them. Now talking about the second comment that was made. I have sort of already addressed it, but I think this is about the most ignorant statement that I have heard in a while. Being a black,female, I know first hand about having to work twice as hard as anyone else just to prove that you are good enough. Most decent universities have under a ten percentage rate of minorities so that literally makes no sense about what that person said about working twice as hard. I really needed to address this because I feel that it is a common WRONG misconception in society. 

Frustration in being an artist

Art is perhaps one without a doubt one of the biggest things that make me brina and it is without a doubt one of my biggest frustrations. I feel like every artist of and sort whether it being visual or performing can relate to this feeling. You constantly feel as if you are not producing enough or pieces that are different from ones that you have already done. I have recently been relating to this feeling especially being in my senior year of high school. I feel as if everything i do has already been done by myself and it is very hard to find a medium that sparks my senses again. I am in desperate need of inspiration and I feel like I am finally coming back to that euphoric state of knowing what I am doing. At least at the current time I am okay with what I am producing, I just feel like it needs more.

Washington, D.C. 

Currently walking the streets of DC and I realize how much diverse culture is missing. Maybe it is because New York has my heart and I am COMPLETELY bias but I just don’t get the appeal about it. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many cool things about DC:

1 the awesome museums that also happen to all be free which is an added bonus

2  the fact that I literally just saw a huge line of cops and some secret man in a car, v dramatic

3 the several different mysteries and secrets of the capital of the U.S.

But I just kinda wanted to states opinion because so many people make this mega deal and I think the huge thing that disinterest me about DC is the architecture. There are no brown stones or red brick anywhere. I completely appreciate marble but not in the plethra that is seen here.